Penn Mutual Asset Management is an institutional asset management firm located just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are committed to serving the institutional marketplace by offering fixed-income investment solutions and client-focused services. These solutions are accessible through separate accounts, sub-advisory relationships and various commingled vehicles.

With over $35 billion in assets under management as of June 30, 2024, we are dedicated to creating value through a prudent, thoughtful and rigorous investment decision-making process.

As fixed-income specialists, we tailor our proven approach to generate solid risk-adjusted returns, while balancing the need for capital preservation to achieve each client’s strategy and goals.

Since 1989, Penn Mutual Asset Management has been a registered investment adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company, a mutual life insurance company that has been in the insurance and investment business since 1847.

Our Culture

Our culture is unique, and it is shaped by values that guide our business activities, our interaction with each other and our active presence in the community. Adherence to the highest ethical standards underpins our activity and decision-making.

We operate in a meritocracy where ideas and opinions are evaluated based on merit alone. Open communication is expected, and the value of each individual’s opinion is embraced.  

In accordance with our parent company, The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company, these shared values are deeply woven into the fabric of our culture and guide us as individuals. 

We believe that our strong culture, combined with talented associates and a well-executed investment strategy, is paramount to our success.

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