Our team is comprised of seasoned investment professionals with diverse disciplines. As an integrated and nimble organization, we employ a collaborative team approach that supports idea generation and decision-making.

Brendan Boken Photo

Brendan Boken Investment Analyst

Ryan Boyd Photo

Ryan Boyd Director of Operations

Juan M. Carracedo Photo

Juan M. Carracedo Investment Analyst

George J. Cipolloni III Photo

George J. Cipolloni III, CFA Portfolio Manager

Michael Cook Photo

Michael Cook Investment Analyst

Scott Ellis Photo

Scott Ellis, CFA Portfolio Manager

Chris Fanelli Photo

Chris Fanelli Managing Director, Business Development

James G. Faunce Photo

James Faunce, CFA Investment Specialist

Raymond Fu Photo

Raymond Fu, CFA Investment Specialist

Cathy Gloner Photo

Cathy Gloner Compliance Manager

Ethan Gobin Photo

Ethan Gobin Insurance Operations Analyst

Mark Heppenstall Photo

Mark Heppenstall, CFA Chief Investment Officer

Keith Huckerby Photo

Keith Huckerby President & Chief Operating Officer

Justin Kaplan Photo

Justin Kaplan, CFA Investment Specialist

Andrew Minner Photo

Andrew Minner Operations Analyst

Priya Muddepal Photo

Priya Muddepal Information Technology Analyst

David O’Malley Photo

David O’Malley Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Neil  O’Sullivan Photo

Neil O’Sullivan Investment Specialist

Zhiwei Ren Photo

Zhiwei Ren, CFA Managing Director & Portfolio Manager

Jen Ripper Photo

Jen Ripper Investment Specialist

Jackie Rogowicz Photo

Jackie Rogowicz Investment Analyst

Chuck Rong Photo

Chuck Rong Information Technology Manager

Amanda Spear Photo

Amanda Spear Administrative/Marketing Coordinator

Angela Storey Photo

Angela Storey Fund Specialist

John Swarr Photo

John Swarr, CFA, ASA Investment Specialist

Tyler Thur Photo

Tyler Thur Treasurer & Controller

Tracy Vasger Photo

Tracy Vasger Operations Specialist

Kristin Vassalotti Photo

Kristin Vassalotti, CRPC® Marketing & Communications

Steven Viola Photo

Steven Viola Fund Treasurer

Debbi Warriner Photo

Debbi Warriner Compliance Analyst

Trevor Williams Photo

Trevor Williams, CFA, CAIA Managing Director & Portfolio Manager

Sara Woltemate Photo

Sara Woltemate Financial Analyst

Greg Zappin Photo

Greg Zappin, CFA Managing Director & Portfolio Manager

Steven Zhou Photo

Steven Zhou Investment Analyst