We Believe

  • Valuation drives decisions to help generate strong performance
  • Diversification is the best form of risk management
  • Being nimble and opportunistic creates value for investors
  • Focus, discipline, teamwork and accountability enable results

While focusing on our mission to provide exceptional experience and service, we offer a wide range of tailored investment strategies and solutions to help meet the investment goals of our clients. Our core asset management competencies include:

Investment Process

An investment approach that utilizes an extensive relative value-based methodology to determine attractive investment opportunities. Our relative value view forms the framework used to evaluate investment opportunities and is applied across and within asset classes. This framework is also employed in risk/reward tradeoff considerations.

Through the combination of a top-down and bottom-up decision-making approach, the team seeks to capitalize upon technical and fundamental dynamics that impact fixed income markets and exploit market inefficiencies.

Macro View

A top-down macroeconomic view drives decisions relating to risk weighting, positioning from a duration and yield curve perspective, and desired strategic asset allocation.

Asset Class Relative Value

Analysis of credit spreads, duration and liquidity helps to establish relative value opportunities across fixed income asset classes.

Security Selection

Based upon the macro view and asset class relative value identification, a full analysis of fundamentals, technicals and valuation is conducted to determine the best total return opportunities for a portfolio.

Risk Management

Our firm employs a comprehensive risk management approach to identify and manage uncertainty. Risk management supports business objectives in achieving strategy, communicates risk appetite and limits, communicates risk metrics and facilitates a risk-aware culture. Portfolio risk is measured both quantitatively and qualitatively by identifying principle risks and related mitigating activity.