Manager of the Decade: Portfolio Managers Reflect on Prestigious Award

June 5, 2024

Manager of the Decade: Portfolio Managers Reflect on Prestigious Award Photo

The Manager of the Decade accolade from PSN Top Guns underscores Penn Mutual Asset Management’s (PMAM) commitment to stringent performance criteria, showcasing sustained impressive results over the past 10 years. Following the reception of this esteemed honor for our Core Plus Bond Strategy, we engaged in a discussion with our portfolio management team to reflect on its significance and the implications it holds for our team, firm and investors.

1. Congratulations on this impressive recognition for the Core Plus Bond Strategy. What does this acknowledgment signify for you both as a team and as a firm?

PSN’s selection of PMAM for Manager of the Decade in its Core Plus Bond category represents a significant achievement for our entire team. The consistent level of excellence required to win this award is a testament to the quality and dedication of our professionals. The past decade witnessed numerous dramatic shifts across the financial markets including the steepest bond bear market on record in 2022. The PMAM team has demonstrated a proven ability to effectively navigate the rapidly changing investment landscape and deliver value-added performance for our clients.

2. What, in your view, were the primary factors that fueled the successful 10-year track record?

PMAM’s successful investment track record has been driven by numerous factors; however, our team is at the forefront. Our collaborative culture and regular communication supports the idea generation and decision-making necessary to deliver consistently solid performance. In addition, our relative value-based investment philosophy and process allows PMAM to capitalize on what we believe to be the most attractive opportunities across and within the fixed-income asset classes. Finally, our size enables PMAM to be more nimble and opportunistic than many of our competitors when sourcing investment opportunities.

3. What makes this recognition significant for investors? How does it underscore our distinctive qualities compared to other asset managers?

Investors have always placed value on asset managers with the ability to consistently and reliably generate value-added performance. PMAM differentiates itself by more than just on the basis of top-tier investment results but also offers a client-centric approach where clients have direct access to our team of investment professionals. The benefits of mutuality — including our commitment to serve the best interests of our clients and focus on the long-term — are shared with our parent company, The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company.

4. Given the uncertainty on inflation, interest rates and the presidential election, what is your outlook for the remainder of 2024, and how is the Core Plus Bond Strategy positioned to outperform the benchmark?

One of PMAM’s core investment philosophies — diversification is the best form of risk management — has been and will remain a key driver for the team’s ability to generate strong performance through periods of volatility. In the current environment, we are seeking to find the best relative value opportunities in the high quality securitized credit sectors relative to the corporate credit markets. We are also taking advantage of the prolonged Treasury yield curve inversion (i.e. short-term interest rates higher than long-term interest rates) and finding the best total return opportunities in short- to intermediate-duration fixed-income assets.


Visit our website here to learn more about the Core Plus Bond Strategy.

For more information about the Strategy, contact Chris Fanelli, managing director, business development, at or (609) 306-7034.

To download the Manager of the Decade - Portfolio Management Q&A, please see the attachment below. To view the Manager of the Decade Announcement in its entirety, visit here.


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R-Squared (sometimes referred to as the coefficient of determination) measures the reliability of the statistical estimates of alpha and beta as a linear function of the market. A product with a high R-Squared can generally have most of its variance explained by the variations in the benchmark index. As a consequence, the estimates of alpha and beta can be used with confidence.

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